Amourous Ava

Amourous Ava

Amourous Ava pushes the creative boundaries of burlesque, exploring the strange, the beautiful, the comedic, and occasionally the absurd. She is a performer with expansive range who utterly embodies every fibre of each of her wild, endearing, theatrical, imaginative and kooky characters.

‘Amourous Ava is a creative force who surprises and enthralls with her wit, humour and artistic flair. Whether depicting an evangelical priest, a B-Grade movie monster or even a dolphin, Ava redefines the scope of burlesque and always leaves you wondering what’s next.’– Fanciforia Foxglove, 2015 NZ Supreme Grand Tease Champion

‘Amourous Ava isn’t an award winning burlesque artist for nothing. She’s an illusionist, a visionary and by far one of New Zealand’s most creative burlesque artists. – Lilly Loca, performer and producer

Since 2011 Amourous Ava has romped gleefully across stages large and small throughout New Zealand and Australia. An Auckland-based performer, her moves are as filthy as some of the local dive bars she has performed in. She was voted ‘Most Innovative’ in the NZ Burlesque Festival Golden Garter Awards 2014 and 2015, and co-won ‘Favourite Costume’ in 2015. Among other accolades, she was awarded ‘Most Terrifying’ at Grand Tease 2016, of which she is perversely proud.


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