Judith Stein Headliner

Judith Stein

Legend of Burlesque from the 1970’s

Judith Stein, the Canadian legend or affectionally known as “the grand beaver of Canadian burlesque” began her career in our noble art in 1973, who began her career when she answered an ad for “topless go-go girls… no experience needed” so that she could pursue her university education.

In this small town venue she met and performed with many notable burlesque stars of the day, who encouraged her to join them on their adventures in the art of strip tease with promises of riches, travel and excitement. Needless to say she joined in the fun of international travel, exotic locations and quite a few honky tonks, never losing sight of those who came before in her 17 year career

Finally she thought she retired to a small mountain town in nelson B.C. Canada to pursue her love of skiing, mountains and designing Victorian lingerie, only to be rediscovered by the Vancouver Burlesque community in 2006 and has never looked back with performances, mentoring and sharing her love of our art to the delight of audiences worldwide


The Vic Devonport

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