Mae de la Rue

Mae de la Rue

From an early age, Mae de la Rue was drawn to the silver screen and its glamorous leading ladies. An avid lover of Hollywood classics, MGM blockbusters, and the razzle dazzle of movie musicals, Mae has wished all her life for nothing more than to invoke the style, grace and elegance of those beautiful women on screen.

Mae de la Rue lives life through an Instagram filter with a pin-curled view on life and a weakness for vintage style. She’s a cheesecake kinda gal with a penchant for pin up posing and a tale to tell any time she steps on stage. Having grown up on a steady diet of theatre performances, musicals and pantomime, it’s no surprise that Mae brings singing, storytelling and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek attitude to her burlesque creations. Mae will take you back in time to the old days of Hollywood and the bright lights of Las Vegas.

In her time on stage, she has performed in shows across the country, competed in Miss Burlesque NSW as well as placing 1st runner up three times in the Burlesque Idol Australia competition and received a wild card entry to the first ever Burlesque Idol Grand Finale where she took out the title of Best Classic 2016.


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