Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Miss Burlesque NZ 2011 is the Lucy Ricardo of New Zealand burlesque. Desperately longing to be the glamorous showgirl, instead Miss Bettsy Rose Lee somehow always ends up onstage dressed as a giant, tasty morsel of food.

Performing burlesque since 2010, she draws on her training and years of experience in drama, musical theatre, classical ballet and tap when putting together her acts and enjoys telling a story and taking her audience on a fun and fantastical journey. And it is not uncommon for her to literally have them eating out of the palm of her hand.

In 2014, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee was delighted to be named a finalist in 3 categories at the NZ Golden Garter Awards and absolutely thrilled to win 2 – ’Most Likely to Pop a Pastie’ and ’Favourite Act’ for ’2013: A Cupcake Odyssey’.

2015 highlights include her first international performance as part of the Australian Burlesque Festival and meeting and performing alongside her burlesque idol, Dirty Martini.

In 2016 Bettsy challenged herself to create a straight classic act with none of her usual gimmicks. The result: Winner of the Hamilton heat of New Zealand’s Supreme Grand Tease, 1st Runner up in the final and awards for Best Costume and Best Classic in both rounds.


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