Miss Kitty Rose

Miss Kitty Rose

Sassy, sexy, strong and sensual, Miss Kitty Rose is red lipped; glitter dipped and always ready to tease.
The blonde bombshell fell into the world of burlesque by accident in 2013. Under the tutelage of Misty La Moore and Miss Cherry Lashes at the Hootchy Kootchy Girls Auckland, she found her home on the stage.

A golden garter nominated performer and core cast member of The Rock n Roll Circus, Miss Kitty Rose travels around the North Island dazzling audiences with a provocative attitude and a vintage inspired charm.
She has also performed in shows including the New Zealand burlesque festival, Burlesque Rocks, The Very Vintage Day out, Beach Hop as well numerous Hootchy Kootchy Showcases.

MKR also won the title of ‘Best Newbie’ in the Hamilton Heat of the first ever Grand Tease New Zealand competition as well as the annual Rock n Roll circus awards. Her act ‘BangBang’ also took out the coveted ‘Best Act’ award in 2016.

Described by emcee and maestro Mickey Havoc as “The essence of burlesque” Miss Kitty Rose uses her self-assured elegance and strong musicality to create her own sparkly reality.

A curvy kitty sure to make you puuuuuuuurrrrrrr


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