Pip E-Lysaah

Pip E-Lysaah

She’s sultry, she’s curvy, she’s the love child of a vaudeville circus and a belly dance princess, Pip E-Lysaah is The Red Queen, always in motion and forever bringing change. 15 years’ experience in taking belly dance to the masses as a performance, she’s worked as a featured performer with the Loons Theatre Company, School of Contemporary Belly Dance, Caburlesque and Venus Starr’s Carousel Cabaret, along with travelling internationally for training, teaching and performing. Yes she has performed under the stage lights of Las Vegas and toured the west coast of US.

Building on the community of Belly Dance, Pip E-Lysaah has been responsible for influencing teachers and performers around the world, including Germany, Ecuador and New Zealand, assisting them as teachers and encouraging their performance.

Pip is a dedicated and quirky belly dance performer focused on creating a unique and powerful performance for every event, whilst still creating an inclusive space for newer dancers.


Central Dance Studios

Muscle Isolation like a Belly Dancer for Burlesque with Pip E-Lysaah

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