Pixie Twist

Pixie Twist

Pixie Twist is known in the burlesque scene as a foul mouthed, flame haired, subversive little tart, and that’s just the way she likes it.

Her style is variously described as burlesque for the thinking woman (if you’re thinking about wine and cheese) or burlesque by the book (if the book is about smashing the patriarchy and eating whatever the fuck you want). It’s safe to say that nothing is sacred in the eyes of Pixie Twist, and if she can shake her ass at it, she will!

Pixie Twist has performed around New Zealand, and while Wellywood has a special place in her heart (they like it a bit weird), a particular highlight was performing at NZBF15 as part of the duo Frank’n’Twist. Later this year she is stepping out with her partner at the Australian Burlesque festival to perform their iconic tassel battle act.

Pert, petite and light on her feet, Pixie Twist: the tiniest tease in Glamilton.


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