About us

The New Zealand Burlesque Festival, as run by Red Rascal Productions, was established in 2012. After 3 years of events, the festival took a break in 2016, and NZBF returned in 2017 with a new management structure, solely owned by MisRed Delicious aka Kerry Rodda and co-produced by Cherry Lashes aka Melanie Chambers.

 MisRed Delicious has been involved in burlesque since 2010 and is an internationally renowned, multiple title and award winning burlesque entertainer. She is the mistress of Red Rascal Productions which boasts a burlesque academy, regular shows and tour support for burlesque artists. MisRed is a passionate force in the New Zealand Burlesque scene, and is fast building an international profile having performed around the world, including throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. Having networked with international performers and well respected producers around the world, MisRed is set to prove to the world that NZ Burlesque can stand up to the international stage.

Miss Cherry Lashes has been involved in the NZ Burlesque industry since 2010 and has been found both behind the scenes as well as on the stage from stage kittening, stage managing, performing, teaching and producing. This has included teaching at Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque in Auckland and teaming up with Coney Bow to run “Pop Up Burlesque” and “Burlesque:The Workshops Series” to help cultivate the growing burlesque community.  She is a regular contributor to the industry and has received several Golden Garter Awards in recognition of her skills. Her experience as both a performer and a producer developed her skills and understanding of both’s needs and so was brought first on board to assist at NZBF13 as a result.

Having built a strong relationship with the NZBF and Red Rascal Productions, Miss Cherry Lashes has been involved every year of the event, and both she and MisRed are excited to be working together officially as co-producers of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2017.

Photo credit: MisRed – Reece Spiller Mellypop Photography, Miss Cherry Lashes – AJ Photography

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