Golden Garters 2014

Best Boobs
Winner – Venus Starr 
Ms Tittle Tattle 
Ruby Von Rifle

Best Derriere
Winner – Bonita Danger Doll
Fanciforia Foxglove
Miss Anthropy

Best Man Junk
Winner – Felix GoodFellow
Mr B Frank

Favourite Costumier 
Winner – Flo Foxworthy
Asphyxia Couture
Purdy Corsetry

Favourite Group 
Winner – A Slice of Pineapple
Aylas Angels troupe
Les Folies de L’amour 

Favourite Industry Designer
Winner – The Juice Lab
Byte Design
Nick Christie
Ruby Ruin

Favourite International Visitor
(the Honorary Kiwi Award)
Winner – Sina King (AUS)
Dusty Limits (UK)
Perle Noire (USA)
Roxi D’Lite (CAN)

Favourite Male Burlesque
Winner – Mo’Cachino
Felix Goodfellow
Ivan The Red 

Favourite MC
Winner – Piotr from Uzbekoslavia
Mikey Havoc
Miss Elvis 


Favourite Mentor 
Winner – Misty La Moore 
Bonita Danger Doll 
Ms Tittle Tattle

Favourite Newbie 
Winner – Dixie Caramel 
Eva Bambina
Pixie Twist 
Soda Fontaine

Favourite Producer 
Winner – Tease and Trouble Productions 
Rachel Rouge 
Red Rascal Productions

Favourite Production 
Winner – The Menagerie 
Caburlesque Nights Wellington 
Rock N Roll Circus

Favourite Routine 
Winner – Bettsy Rose Lee Cupcake Odessy 
Isabella Darling Snow White 
MisRed Delicious Firebird

Favourite Show Poster  
Winner – The Menagerie 
Hootchy Kootchy Girls July 2014 
UndieGround Burlesque September 14

Favourite Show Photographer 
Winner – Theuns Verwoerd 
Ataahua Pinups Brian Lomas Photography

Favourite Stage Kitten
Winner – Miss Cherry Lashes 
Danni Morgan 
Harleen Quinzell

Favourite Stage Manager 
Winner – Miss Cherry Lashes 
Amanda Brown (Rock n Roll Circus) 
Danni Morgan

Favourite Pasties 
Winner – Soda Fontaine – Giant Cupcake pasties 
La Femme Fantail – Fantail Pasties 
Pixie Twist – Peacock Pasties

Most Innovative 
Winner – Amourous Ava 
Isabella Darling 
Willow Noir

Most likely to accept an award they didn’t win 
Winner – Fanciforia Foxglove 
Danny Dangerously 
Willow Noir

Most likely to invade the stage 
Winner – Danny Dangerously 
Fanciforia Foxglove 
Little Miss Broadway

Most likely to sneak backstage 
Winner – Willow Noir 
Fanciforia Foxglove 
MisRed Delicious

Most likey to pop a pastie 
Winner – Bettsy Rose Lee 
Penny Pins 
Ruby Ruin

Peoples Choice Award 
Winner – Courtney L’amour 
Bonita Danger Doll 
Debbie Eve and Andrew Lindsay

The Hot Mess Award 
Winner – Willow Noir 
Honey Suckle 
Ruby Ruin

The Industry Groupie 
Winner – Miss Chevious Cinders 
Danni Morgan
 Mike K

The Most Prepared (MacGyver) 
Award Winner – Bonita Danger Doll 
Rachel Rouge 

The Show Floozy 
Winner – Bonita Danger Doll 
Fanciforia Foxglove 
Ruby Ruin

Favourite Costume  
Winner – Ruby Ruin – Golden Girl 
Bettsy Rose Lee Cupcake – a giant cupcake 
Bonita Danger Doll – Asphyxia Couture white crystal outfit 
MisRed – Firebird 
Ruby Ruin – Anti-Marilyn costume

International Recognition Award 
Winners – Ruby Ruin & MisRed Delicious 
Bonita Danger Doll

Favourite Show Stopping Moment 
Winner – Little Miss Broadway popping out of her present in her birthday suit. 
Sugar Spanx revealing her 8mnth baby bump, complete with belly tassel 
Willow Noir had an audience member climb on stage and try and fight her during her Birth of Christ routine

Contribution to NZ Burlesque Industry 
Winner – Courtney L’amour 
MisRed Delicious 
Nancy Nightshade 
Red Rascal Productions

While we have endevoured to check, NZBF holds no liability for mispelling of names as these are collated directly from the nominations.