Golden Garters 2015

Best Derriere
Winner - Fanciforia Foxglove
Mercedes Myracle

Best Boobs
Winner - Pandora Cherie
Ms Tittle Tattle
Venus Starr

Best Manjunk
Winner - Ivan The Red
Anglebert Humpermink
Clever Hansel

Favourite Industry Costumier
Winner - Flo Foxworthy
Asphyxia Couture
Nancy NightShade – Pandemodium Clothing

Favourite Industry Graphic Designer
Winner - Carlos De Treend - The Juice Lab
Byte Design
Ruby Ruin – Ruination

Favourite Male Burlesque
Winner - Clever Hansel
Winner - Ivan the Red
Felix Goodfellow

Most Innovative
Winner - Amourous Ava
Honey Suckle
Willow Noir

Unsung Hero Award
Winner - Debbie Eve

MisRed Delicious
Roxy Coervers

Favourite Striptease Routine
Winner - Ruby Ruin – Wadjet
Amourous Ava – She Creature
Miss Bettsy Rose Lee – My Little Pony

Favourite Costume
Winner - Fanciforia Foxglove – Lucille Ball Tribute
Amourous Ava – Let Love in (The Dark Act)
Honey Suckle – Smaug the Drago
Ruby Ruin – Wadjet

Favourite MC
Winner - Piotr from Uzbeckoslavia
Mikey Havoc
Sport Suzie

Favourite Mentor
Winner - Miss Cherry Lashes
Lilly Loca
MisRed Delicious

Favourite Newbie
Winner - Hugo Grrrl
Madam Mutiny
Ruby Rebel

Favourite Pasties
Winner - Nancy Nightshade – Fire Pasties
Bonita Danger Doll – Butterfly Pasties
Penny Pins – Weed Leaf Pasties

Favourite Production
Winner - The Rock n Roll Circus
Grand Carousel
The Menagerie

Favourite Show Photographer
Ataahua Photography
Erik Norder
Winner - Paradox Photography

Most Likely to Pop a Pastie
Winner - Nilah Minx
Penny Pins
Pixie Twist

Mucky Puppy Award – Messiest on Stage
Winner - Honey Suckle
Ivan the Red
Willow Noir

Favourite Non-Striptease Routine
Winner - Felicity Frockaccino – Drag Queen
A Slice of Pineapple – Come Fly with Me Group Fan Dance
Mike Kay – Magician

The Honorary Kiwi Award- Favourite International Visitor
Winner - Dirty Martin
Imogen Kelly
Loulou D’Vil

Favourite Show Poster
Winner - The Menagerie
Grand Carousel
Hootchy Kootchy Burlesque Auckland

Favourite Stage Kitten
Winner - Danni Meow
Flic Caracou
Harleen Quinzell

Favourite Stage Manager
Winner - Miss Cherry Lashes
Sapphire Matizze
Victor Victorious

Favourite Tech Support
Winner - Andrew “Soundbitch” Lindsay
Belle Harrison – Belle Curves Sound & Lighting
Tony Cheyne

Favourite Troupe or Duo
Winner - A Slice of Pineapple
Ayla’s Angels
The Ballet School Dropouts

The Macgyver Award – Most Prepared
Winner - Bonita Danger Doll
Rachel Rouge

Peoples Choice Award
Winner - Coney Bow
Debbie Eve
Rachel Rouge
Nancy Nightshade

The Industry Groupie
Winner - Mike Kay
Cindy Lewis
Kat Douglas

Most Likely to be Caught Where They Shouldn’t Be
Winner - Willow Noir

Fanciforia Foxglove
Pixie Twist

Most Likely to Accept an Award They Haven’t Won
Winner - Fanciforia Foxglove
Duchess De Berry
Willow Noir

Favourite Show Stopping Moment
Winner - Honey Suckle - sitting in cake
Azure D'Murre - ripping off her pasties and trying to stick feathers to her boobs
Don Pascal  - losing one of his torches on stage at Grand Carousel and it landing on the snobby guy who'd been back talking to Piotr the entire night.
Fanciforia Foxglove - return to the stage at Cabaret Lamour after her hip operation 
Honey Suckle - John Key on her butt (smaug act)
Honey Suckle - Freddy Mercury glove peel glitter ejaculation
Ivan the Red - NZBF14 when he knocked over his glitter vodka
Ivan The Red - revealing he is black widow as well 
Miss Anthropy - Electrique Burlesque homage mashup
Penny Pins - jumping on top of and grinding an audience member during her Chav act
Red Rascal Renegades - 4 outta 6 Pastie Pop at NZ International Tattoo Expo
Willow Noir - giving birth to Jesus and spraying milk at the audience

 International Recognition Award (kiwis doing it overseas)
Winner - Coney Bow
Winner - Duchess De Berry
Winner - MisRed Delicious 
Winner - Trillian

Contribution to the New Zealand Burlesque Industr
Winner - Nancy  Nightshade
MisRed Delicious
Ruby Ruin

While we have endevoured to check, NZBF holds no liability for mispelling of names as these are collated directly from the nominations.